Defamation Act 2009


Offer to make amends.

22.— (1) A person who has published a statement that is alleged to be defamatory of another person may make an offer to make amends.

(2) An offer to make amends shall—

(a) be in writing,

(b) state that it is an offer to make amends for the purposes of this section, and

(c) state whether the offer is in respect of the entire of the statement or an offer (in this Act referred to as a “ qual ified offer ”) in respect of—

(i) part only of the statement, or

(ii) a particular defamatory meaning only.

(3) An offer to make amends shall not be made after the delivery of the defence in the defamation action concerned.

(4) An offer to make amends may be withdrawn before it is accepted and where such an offer is withdrawn a new offer to make amends may be made.

(5) In this section “ an offer to make amends ” means an offer—

(a) to make a suitable correction of the statement concerned and a sufficient apology to the person to whom the statement refers or is alleged to refer,

(b) to publish that correction and apology in such manner as is reasonable and practicable in the circumstances, and

(c) to pay to the person such sum in compensation or damages (if any), and such costs, as may be agreed by them or as may be determined to be payable,

whether or not it is accompanied by any other offer to perform an act other than an act referred to in paragraph (a), (b) or (c).