Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009


Information to be Included in Property Services Agreement

A property services agreement shall include—

1. The name and address of the specified body

2. The name and registered office of the management company

3. Details of the designated apartment complex the subject matter of the agreement

4. Particulars of the services to be provided by the specified body under the agreement, including property management services and the provision of staff

5. The amount of the fee or fees payable by the management company under the agreement and the circumstances in which the fee or fees become payable the procedures relating to collection the fee or fees, including procedures for the collection of any such fee in the case of non-payment by the management company

6. The period during which the agreement is to have effect

7. The length of notice to be given in the event of termination of the agreement by the housing authority or management company

8. Details of professional indemnity insurance of the specified body

9. Details of the records to be kept by the specified body in respect of the provision of the services under the agreement

10. Complaints and redress procedures put in place by the specified body

11. A timetable for delivery of services under the agreement

12. Particulars of out-of-hours services for emergencies

13. Reporting obligations of the specified body to the management company.