Broadcasting Act 2009



90.— (1) A corporation shall, as well as appointing a director general, appoint such and so many persons to be members of the staff of the corporation as it may, from time to time, determine but, subject to subsection (2), a person shall not be appointed under this section to be a member of staff of the corporation unless he or she has been selected by means of a public competition.

(2) The requirement under subsection (1) of being selected by means of a public competition does not apply in relation to:

( a) an appointment consisting of the promotion of a person who is already a member of staff of the corporation,

( b) an office for which, in the opinion of the corporation, specialised qualifications not commonly held are required, or

( c) an office to which appointments are made for limited periods only, being periods not exceeding 2 years.

(3) A member of staff of a corporation shall hold his or her employment on such terms and conditions as the corporation from time to time determines.

(4) A corporation may perform any of its functions through or by any of its members of staff duly authorised by the corporation in that behalf.