Broadcasting Act 2009



106.— (1) A corporation may broadcast advertisements, broadcast acknowledgements of sponsorship, may fix charges and conditions for such broadcasts and, in fixing the charges, may provide for different circumstances and for additional special charges to be made in special cases.

(2) A corporation may reject any advertisement presented for broadcast in whole or in part.

(3) Subject to the requirements of section 41(2), a corporation in providing a broadcasting service under this Part shall, subject to the approval of the Minister following consultation with the Authority, fix—

(a) the total daily time for broadcasting advertisements, and

(b) the maximum period given to advertisements in any hour.

(4) The Minister, if so requested by the Referendum Commission following consultation by the Referendum Commission with a corporation and consideration of any proposals of the corporation for broadcasts in connection with the referendum that it communicates to the Referendum Commission, shall direct the corporation in writing to allocate broadcasting time to facilitate the Referendum Commission in performing its functions, and the corporation shall comply with a direction under this subsection.

(5) Charges and conditions referred to in subsection (1) may be fixed subject to variations benefiting advertisers who use the Irish language in their advertisements.

(6) A power under this section to fix charges and conditions shall be read as including a power to cancel or vary any charges or conditions fixed under such power and, where charges or conditions are cancelled, to fix other charges or conditions in lieu of those cancelled.

(7) In this section references to advertisements shall be read as including references to teleshopping material and to advertising matter in sponsored programmes, that is to say, programmes supplied for advertising purposes by or on behalf of an advertiser.