Nursing Homes Support Scheme Act 2009

F44[Review of operation of amendments effected by Part 9 of Act of 2022


45C.(1) The Minister shall, 6 months after the coming into operation of section 82 of the Act of 2022, carry out a review of the operation of the amendments to this Act effected by Part 9 of the Act of 2022.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of section 45AA, the Minister shall, in consultation with the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform and the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, prepare not later than 3 months after the commencement of the review under subsection (1) a report setting out the findings and conclusions consequent on such review.

(3) The Minister shall cause a copy of the report prepared under subsection (2) to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas as soon as practicable after it has been prepared.]




Inserted (1.11.2022) by Regulation of Providers of Building Works and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2022 (15/2022), s. 82, S.I. No. 537 of 2022.

Editorial Notes:


The section heading is taken from the amending section in the absence of one included in the amendment.