Nursing Homes Support Scheme Act 2009

F42[Annual report relating to eligible rental income


45AA. (1) The Executive shall prepare in respect of each year (or such longer period as the Minister may, following receipt of the third report under this section, prescribe by regulations) a report containing information in relation to

(a) the proportion of financial assessments in respect of which eligible rental income is taken into account,

(b) the number of principal residences from which eligible rental income derives,

(c) an assessment of likely trends arising from the effects on the Scheme of the treatment of eligible rental income,

(d) the impact of the changes effected by Part 9 of the Act of 2022 on outcomes for persons participating in the Scheme, including the timing of participation in the Scheme and risks relating to the safeguarding of vulnerable persons, and

(e) such other matters as may be specified by the Minister.

(2) The Executive shall send a copy of each report prepared under this section to the Minister

(a) before the end of June in the year following that to which the report relates, or

(b) where the Minister has made regulations under subsection (1), before the end of June in the year following the last year to which the report relates.

(3) For the purposes of preparing a report under subsection (1) and, subject to section 45(7), the Executive shall keep records of information in relation to

(a) financial assessments under section 10,

(b) notifications under section 24 relating to eligible rental income, and

(c) such other matters as may be specified by the Minister.]




Inserted (1.11.2022) by Regulation of Providers of Building Works and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2022 (15/2022), s. 81, S.I. No. 537 of 2022.

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The section heading is taken from the amending section in the absence of one included in the amendment.