Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) Act 2008


Transmission to State of external confiscation order.

50.— (1) An external confiscation order may be transmitted by or on behalf of the court that made it to the Central Authority with a request for its enforcement.

(2) The external confiscation order shall be accompanied by—

(a) a duly certified copy of the order,

(b) a statement by or on behalf of the court that made the order—

(i) that it is in force and not subject to appeal, and

(ii) that, if the person against whom it was made did not appear in the proceedings concerned, notice thereof was received by the person in good time to defend the proceedings,

(c) a brief description of the conduct constituting the offence which resulted in the making of the order, and

(d) any required translations,

and shall include any further information required by the relevant international instrument.