Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2008


Amendment of section 13(3) of Juries Act 1976.

57.— Section 13(3) of the Juries Act 1976 is amended by substituting the following for paragraph (c):

“(c) a certificate by—

(i) the registrar or other officer acting as registrar of a court, or

(ii) a member of the staff of the Courts Service duly authorised in that behalf by the Chief Executive Officer of the Courts Service,

present when a person summoned to attend as a juror in that court failed to answer to his or her name at the time it was called out in that court or at the place specified in the summons shall be evidence, unless the contrary is proved, that that person failed to attend in compliance with the summons, or was not available when called on to serve, as the case may be.”.