Water Services Act 2007


County rural water services committees.

76.— (1) The Minister may by regulations provide for the establishment by the relevant water services authority of a county rural water services committee in the functional area of such water services authorities as may be prescribed, and on such date and for such purpose as may be prescribed.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), regulations under this section may provide for any or all of the following matters in relation to a county rural water services committee:

(a) composition, appointment and removal procedures and term of office;

(b) meetings and procedures;

(c) functions generally in relation to rural water services provision;

(d) reporting arrangements;

(e) expenditure and finance; and

(f) any incidental and ancillary matters.

(3) The expenses of a county rural water services committee may be met by the water services authority under whose auspices it is established.

(4) A water services authority may direct a county rural water services committee established by it to undertake specific actions in accordance with the prescribed functions of the committee, and the committee shall be obliged to comply with such direction.