Water Services Act 2007


F65[ Directions to inspectors.

70J. (1) The Agency may, from time to time, issue directions to inspectors with regard to

(a) the manner in which an inspection under section 70H is to be carried out,

(b) the period or periods to be specified in an advisory notice during which remedial works are to be carried out,

(c) the manner, including by electronic means, in which an inspector is to notify a water services authority in relation to an inspection,

(d) the details in respect of an inspection which are to be notified by an inspector to a water services authority, and

(e) any other matters the Agency considers relevant for the purposes of this Part.

(2) An inspector shall comply with a direction issued under subsection (1).]




Inserted (26.06.2012) by Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012 (2/2012), s. 4, S.I. No. 219 of 2012.