Water Services Act 2007


Taking samples of water.

58.— (1) A water services authority may, for the purposes of analysis, take samples from—

(a) any water supply, whether public or private, F47[] and

(b) F47[]

(2) Where, on analysis of samples of water taken by a water services authority, it is found that the water constitutes a potential danger to human health, the water services authority shall, as soon as possible—

(a) ensure that—

(i) the supply of affected water is prohibited, or

(ii) the use of affected water is restricted,


(b) ensure that—

(i) subject to regulations under section 32, such other necessary action, including remedial action, is taken to protect human health and to restore the quality of the supply to such prescribed standards as apply to the water supply concerned,

(ii) users are promptly informed of the potential danger and given any necessary advice, and

(iii) except where the extent of non-compliance with prescribed quality standards is considered by the water services authority not to be material in the circumstances, users are notified promptly of any remedial action taken.

(3) A water services authority may issue a notice for the purposes of this section, which, where it is addressed to users, may also—

(a) be given to such classes of users as the authority considers necessary, and

(b) notwithstanding section 19, be issued by—

(i) advertisement in a newspaper circulating in the area,

(ii) being broadcast on a radio or television channel generally available in the area,

(iii) being made available on the internet, or

(iv) such other manner as the Minister may direct.

(4) A person who contravenes a requirement of a notice under this section commits an offence.




Deleted (1.01.2014) by Water Services (No. 2) Act 2013 (50/2013), s. 45(11), S.I. No. 575 of 2013, subject to subs. (24) which excludes certain provisions from effect of amendment.