Criminal Justice Act 2007


Interpretation (Part 3).

24.— (1) In this Part—

“imprisonment” includes—

(a) detention in Saint Patrick’s Institution,

(b) detention in a place provided under section 2 of the Prisons Act 1970, and

(c) detention in a place specified under section 3 of the Prisons Act 1972,

and “prison” and “sentence of imprisonment” shall be construed accordingly;

“remission from the sentence” means, in relation to the sentence imposed on a person, the remission which he or she may earn from that sentence under the rules or practice whereby prisoners generally may earn remission of sentence by industry and good conduct.

(2) In this Part, references to an offence specified in Schedule 2 shall include—

(a) references to participation as an accomplice of a person who commits such an offence, and

(b) references to an offence of attempting or conspiring to commit, or inciting the commission of, such an offence.