Medical Practitioners Act 2007


F170 [ Removal of registration for failure to provide certain evidence relating to indemnity

80A. (1) Subject to subsection (2) , where a medical practitioner fails to provide evidence referred to in subsection (1A) or (1B) , as the case may be, of section 45 , notwithstanding that a request to provide that evidence has been sent to the practitioner s registered address, the Council may, not earlier than 21 days after that request has been sent, remove the practitioner s registration.

(2) The Council shall not exercise its power under subsection (1) in the case of a registered medical practitioner the subject of a complaint which has not been disposed of or otherwise dealt with under Part 7 and, if applicable, Part 8 and this Part. ]




Inserted (6.11.2017) by Medical Practitioners (Amendment) Act 2017 (10/2017), s. 9, S.I. No. 481 of 2017.