Medical Practitioners Act 2007


Registration of additional qualifications.

51.— (1) A registered medical practitioner may make an application, accompanied by the appropriate fee, to the Council to have a qualification acquired by the practitioner and which falls within subsection (2) entered in the register in addition to the practitioner’s qualifications already entered therein.

(2) The Council shall determine the qualifications, not being qualifications required for the purposes of registration, which may be entered in the register as additional qualifications.

(3) Where the Council enters in the register an additional qualification acquired by a medical practitioner, the Council shall, as soon as is practicable thereafter, give the practitioner a certificate stating that the additional qualification has been entered in the register.


Editorial Notes:


Rules made pursuant to the provisions of section and ss. 11, 43-44, 46-50 and 56 for the purpose of specifying the particulars to be contained in the Register of Medical Practitioners (28.04.2009) by Medical Council Rules Specifying Particulars to be Contained in the Register of Medical Practitioners (S.I. No. 592 of 2009).