Medical Practitioners Act 2007


Council to prepare and forward business plan to Minister.

15.— (1) Subject to subsections (2) to (5), the Council shall—

(a) prepare and adopt a business plan for the calendar year or other period as may be determined by the Minister, and

(b) submit the plan to the Minister.

(2) The Council shall prepare a business plan in a form and manner in accordance with any directions issued by the Minister (including any timescale in which the plan must be submitted to the Minister) and shall ensure that the plan—

(a) indicates the type and volume of business to be undertaken by the Council during the period to which the plan relates,

(b) indicates any capital plans proposed by the Council,

(c) contains estimates of the number of staff of the Council for the period and the business to which the plan relates, and

(d) contains any other information specified by the Minister.

(3) The Council shall, in preparing a business plan, have regard to—

(a) the statement of strategy in operation at that time,

(b) any direction issued by the Minister under section 9(1), and

(c) the policies and objectives of the Minister and the Government as they relate to the functions of the Council.

(4) The Minister may direct the Council to amend a business plan submitted to the Minister if, in the Minister’s opinion, the plan—

(a) does not contain any information required under subsection (2),

(b) does not comply in any other respect with subsection (2), or

(c) has been prepared without regard to a matter specified in subsection (3).

(5) The Council shall comply with a direction given to it under subsection (4) within the period, if any, specified in the direction, being a period reasonable in the circumstances.

(6) The Council shall submit to the Minister with a business plan a statement of its estimate of the income and expenditure relating to the plan that is consistent with the monies estimated to be available to the Council for the period to which the business plan relates.

(7) The Minister shall ensure that copies of a business plan submitted to the Minister are laid before each House of the Oireachtas within 21 days after the plan is so submitted.

(8) The Council shall ensure that, as soon as is practicable after copies of a business plan are laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas, the plan is published in the prescribed manner.

(9) The Council may amend an adopted business plan and, in any such case—

(a) subsections (2) to (8) shall, with all necessary modifications, apply to the preparation of the amended plan as they apply to a business plan prepared under subsection (1), and

(b) the Council shall adopt the amended plan and submit it to the Minister within 3 weeks of the date on which the Council adopted the amended plan.