Health Act 2007


Inspectors of Social Services.

43.— (1) The Authority, in accordance with section 26, may appoint the number of persons as it may determine to assist the chief inspector in the performance of the chief inspector’s functions and—

(a) the persons appointed shall be known as Inspectors of Social Services, and

(b) are referred to in this Act as “inspectors”.

(2) An inspector shall perform the functions of the chief inspector, to the extent the chief inspector may determine, and, in performing those functions to that extent, the inspector has the same powers and duties as the chief inspector has in performing his or her functions under this Act.

(3) A person appointed as an inspector under this section shall be given, by the Authority, a certificate of his or her appointment and, when exercising any power duly conferred on an inspector under this Act, shall produce, on request by any person affected, the certificate or a copy of the certificate, together with a form of personal identification.