Health Act 2007


Committees of Board.

19.— (1) The Board may—

(a) establish committees to provide assistance and advice to the Board in relation to the performance of its functions, and

(b) determine the membership and terms of reference of each committee.

(2) The Board may appoint persons to a committee who are not members of the Board but have special knowledge and experience related to the purpose of the committee.

(3) The appointment of a person to a committee is subject to the terms and conditions as may be determined—

(a) under section 20, to the extent that the terms and conditions relate to remuneration and allowances for expenses, and

(b) by the Board in any other case.

(4) The Board shall specify in writing the purpose and terms of reference of each committee.

(5) The acts of a committee are subject to confirmation by the Board, unless the Board dispenses with the necessity for confirmation.

(6) The Board may regulate the procedure of a committee but, subject to any such regulation, a committee may regulate its own procedure.

(7) The Board may at any time dissolve a committee established under this section.