Building Control Act 2007


Registration body may specify fees.

62.— (1) A registration body may specify that a fee of a specified amount shall be payable to it in respect of the doing of any of the following, namely:

( a) processing applications for registration;

( b) the annual retention of a person’s name in the register;

( c) restoring a person’s name in the register after it has been erased pursuant to a provision of this Act;

( d) removing a person’s name from the register on the application of that person;

( e) entering additional qualifications, not being qualifications required for the purpose of registration, of a person in the register;

( f) issuing a certificate of registration;

( g) providing any other service which the registration body may provide.

(2) A registration body may determine that in respect of the doing of any of the things referred to in subsection (1)(a) to (g) a fee of a different amount shall be payable by reference to the different circumstances in which it is done.

(3) A fee shall not be specified in accordance with subsection (1) without the approval of the Minister.

(4) The amount of a fee specified in accordance with subsection (1) shall not in any case exceed the total of—

( a) the costs in providing the services in respect of which the fee is paid, and

( b) the reasonable costs incurred by the registration body in collecting, accounting for and administering the fee.