Building Control Act 2007


Registrar (Part 5).

47.— (1) The registration body shall appoint a Registrar to be responsible for keeping the register under this Part.

(2) The registration body, in addition to paying the Registrar a salary or fee, may pay a pension to the Registrar or make contributions to the payment of a pension, and may pay the Registrar allowances and expenses.

(3) The register shall be in such form, including electronic, photographic or other form, as the registration body decides.

(4) Where a person has applied for registration in accordance with this Part, if the Admissions Board is satisfied that the person is entitled to be registered, the Registrar shall enter the person’s name in the register.

(5) Where a person’s name is entered in the register, the Registrar shall send to the person a certificate stating that the person is registered.

(6) Where a person receives a certificate under subsection (5), the person shall forthwith cause the certificate to be displayed at the place where the person practises building surveying at all times during which his or her registration continues, but not otherwise.

(7) The Registrar shall ensure the register is kept up to date and shall make it available for inspection at the office of the Registrar during normal working hours.

(8) A registered professional shall notify the Registrar of any change in the name under which or the address at which he or she carries on business.