Consumer Protection Act 2007

F68 [ Definitions and application


66A. (1) In this Part

durable medium means any medium on which information is provided and stored, including paper and email, that

( a ) renders the information accessible for future reference for a period of time adequate for the purposes of the information, and

( b ) allows the unchanged reproduction of the information;

expiry date means the date after which, by virtue of the passage of time, a gift voucher ceases to be redeemable for the purchase of goods or services;

gift voucher means, subject to subsection (2) , any voucher, coupon or other document or instrument, including in electronic form, that is intended to be used as a substitute for money in the payment, in whole or in part, for goods or services or otherwise exchanged for goods or services;

gift voucher contract means a contract between a relevant trader and another person whereby the relevant trader supplies the person with a gift voucher;

relevant trader means a trader who supplies a gift voucher to a person in accordance with a gift voucher contract.

(2) In this Part, gift voucher does not include a voucher, coupon or other document or instrument, including in electronic form

( a ) that is redeemable only for the purposes of the purchase, at a discounted price, of specified goods or specified services, from a specified trader or traders

(i) on a specified date, or

(ii) for a specified period of a limited duration not exceeding 3 months,

( b ) that is supplied under a customer loyalty scheme,

( c ) that is supplied in connection with a promotional scheme that is connected to the purchase of specified goods or specified services,

( d ) that is supplied by way of a refund for goods returned to a trader,

( e ) that is redeemable only in exchange for goods or services relating to telephone services, internet services, fuel, electricity, heating or any other utility,

( f ) that is a cheque, bank draft or postal money order,

( g ) that constitutes electronic money, within the meaning of the European Communities (Electronic Money) Regulations 2011 ( S.I. No. 183 of 2011 ), or

( h ) that is not supplied, marketed, provided or otherwise made available to be given as a gift.

(3) This Part applies to a gift voucher contract that is entered into on or after the date on which this subsection comes into operation.

(4) Any reference in this Part to a term of a gift voucher contract includes a reference to a term which, although not contained in the contract, is incorporated in the contract by another term of the contract or by any other means. ]




Inserted (2.12.2019) by Consumer Protection (Gift Vouchers) Act 2019 (38/2019), s. 2, S.I. No. 595 of 2019.