Consumer Protection Act 2007


Offence: weighing facilities in grocery retail.

59.— (1) In this section, “grocery retailer” means a trader who is a retailer within the meaning of section 15A of the Competition Act 2002.

(2) A grocery retailer who offers food for sale to consumers by weight (other than food packed for sale by its manufacturer or producer or by the person who supplied it for sale) shall—

(a) provide a weighing scale, or weighing machine, that—

(i) is in a public and prominent position on the premises where that food is sold, and

(ii) subject to health and food safety considerations, is as near as reasonably possible to where that food is on display for sale,


(b) allow any person purchasing, or about to purchase, such food to weigh it or observe its weighing on the weighing scale or weighing machine in a manner that allows the person to see the reading of the weight provided by the scale or machine and to be informed of the resultant price before payment.

(3) A grocery retailer who contravenes subsection (2)(a) or (b) commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to the fines and penalties provided in Chapter 4 of Part 5.