Consumer Protection Act 2007


Admissibility of certain laboratory tests.

102.— (1) A certificate in writing purporting to be signed by a person employed in a relevant laboratory and stating the results of one or more tests carried out in that laboratory with respect to a product of a specified type shall, without proof of the signature of that person or that he or she is employed in the relevant laboratory, be admissible as evidence of the results of the test or tests in the following proceedings taken in relation to that type of product.

(2) Those proceedings are proceedings under any of the statutory instruments specified in Schedule 7 .

(3) In this section ‘relevant laboratory’ means a laboratory the competence of which to carry out tests in relation to products is recognised by an authority performing functions under the laws, regulations or administrative provisions adopted by a Member State for the purposes of any of the Directives specified in Schedule 8.

(4) Where a certificate referred to in subsection (1) is produced in proceedings referred to in subsection (2), it shall be presumed, until the contrary is shown, that the laboratory referred to in the certificate as a relevant laboratory is such a laboratory.