Sea-Fisheries and Maritime Jurisdiction Act 2006


Complaints procedures.

49.— (1) The Authority shall appoint one or more persons from outside the Authority (“Complaints Officer”) to—

(a) duly consider, and

(b) furnish a report to the Authority on,

any complaint duly made under this section by or on behalf of a member of the public in relation to the enforcement of sea-fisheries law or food safety law.

(2) The Authority shall have regard to the report of the Complaints Officer under subsection (1) and shall advise the complainant and the Complaints Officer of its decision in the matter.

(3) A complaint shall not be considered under this section if—

(a) it relates to any matter the subject of proceedings before a court or other tribunal,

(b) it is the subject of a complaint to the Ombudsman or an appeal to the Information Commissioner, or

(c) it is not made to a Complaints Officer within 28 days after the subject matter of the complaint arose.