Transfer of Execution of Sentences Act 2005

F15[Revocation and variation of warrants and orders


10E. (1) The Minister may at any time (including as part of an application under section 10B) apply to the High Court for an order revoking, or varying the terms of a warrant under section 8 or 9 or a committal order.

(2) A sentenced person may in writing request the Minister to bring an application under subsection (1) and the Minister shall bring the application unless, having regard to all the circumstances, he or she is satisfied that it is not necessary.

(3) The High Court may, upon an application under subsection (1), make an order revoking or varying the terms of a warrant or order referred to in that subsection if the court is satisfied that the revocation or variation is necessary for the purposes of this Act and the Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons done at Strasbourg on 18 December 1997.]




Inserted (3.05.2023) by Criminal Justice (Mutual Recognition of Custodial Sentences) Act 2023 (3/2023), s. 69, S.I. No. 213 of 2023.