Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005

Appeal to High Court from Council's decision under section 73 or 74.


75.—(1) A person may appeal to the Court against a decision made by the Council—

(a) under section 73 refusing to direct a registration board to restore the person's name to its register or directing a registration board to attach conditions to his or her registration, or

(b) under section 74 refusing to direct a registration board to remove a condition attached under this Part to his or her registration.

(2) The appeal must be brought within 30 days after the person receives from the Council notification of the decision.

(3) In an appeal under this section, the Court may consider any evidence adduced or argument made, whether or not adduced or made to the Council.

(4) On the hearing of the appeal, the Court may—

(a) make any order that it considers appropriate, including an order cancelling, confirming or modifying the decision, and

(b) give to the Council or the registration board concerned any direction that the Court considers appropriate.

(5) On complying with any direction given by the Court, the registration board concerned shall notify the person who brought the appeal of the board's compliance with the direction.