Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005

Committees of registration board.


33.—(1) With the Council's approval and subject to any rules under section 22(1) or bye-laws under section 31(3), a registration board may establish committees to perform any of its functions or exercise any of its powers under this Part, Part 4 or Part 5 that, in the board's opinion, may be better or more conveniently performed by a committee and that are assigned by the board to a committee.

(2) A committee established under this section is to consist of the chairperson of the committee and such other persons, whether members of the registration board or not, as the board may appoint.

(3) In making appointments under subsection (2) to a committee, a registration board shall have regard to the necessity of including as members of the committee an appropriate number of persons representative of the interest of the general public.

(4) A person is eligible to be appointed as chairperson of a committee of a registration board only if he or she is a member of that board.

(5) The acts of a committee are subject to confirmation by the registration board, unless, in the case of a committee established under this Part or Part 5, the board dispenses with the necessity for confirmation.

(6) A registration board may regulate the procedure of its committees if authorised to do so under section 22(7), but, subject to any such regulation, a committee may regulate its own procedure.

(7) A registration board may at any time dissolve a committee of the board.