Veterinary Practice Act 2005

Notification to Minister of name removed or restored, etc., from relevant register.


86.—(1) In respect of the Register or the Register of Veterinary Nurses as appropriate, the Council shall notify the Minister, on the occasion of—

(a) the removal of the name of a person from it (otherwise than upon the death of the person),

(b) the restoration of the name of a person to it,

(c) the suspension of the name of a person from it,

(d) the termination of a period of suspension from it,

(e) the attachment of conditions to the retention of the name of a person on it, or removal of such conditions.

(2) The Council shall also notify the Minister of—

(i) the advice, warning or censure of a person under section 81, or

(ii) a direction to pay a sum under section 82 or not to charge or recover fees by virtue of that section.

(3) The notification referred to in subsections (1) and (2) shall include the name and address of the person concerned and the reasons for the action taken by the Council.