Veterinary Practice Act 2005

Indemnity insurance.


F20[59A. (1) The Council may, with the consent of the Minister, make regulations (referred to in this section as indemnity regulations)

(a) specifying circumstances in which there shall be in place indemnity insurance against losses arising from claims in respect of civil liability incurred by a registered person arising from the practice of veterinary medicine, and

(b) otherwise making provision with respect to such indemnity insurance.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), indemnity regulations may

(a) prescribe specific types of veterinary medicine for which indemnity insurance is mandatory,

(b) require a registered person to effect and maintain a policy of indemnity insurance where he or she practises a specified type of veterinary medicine,

(c) specify circumstances in which a registered person or type of veterinary medicine may be exempted from the indemnity regulations,

(d) enable the Council to take such steps as it considers necessary or expedient to ascertain whether or not the indemnity regulations are being complied with,

(e) specify the manner in which a registered person shall bring their compliance with, or exemption from, the indemnity regulations to the notice of clients, or the Council, and

(f) include incidental, procedural or supplementary provisions in relation to any of the matters set out in paragraphs (a) to (e).

(3) Indemnity regulations do not apply to a registered person in so far as the registered person is, for the time being, acting as an officer or employee of, or under contract to, or otherwise with the authorisation of, a Minister of the Government, a local authority or a body established by or under statute (other than a company established under the Companies Acts).]




Inserted (18.07.2012) by Veterinary Practice (Amendment) Act 2012 (25/2012), s. 3, commenced on enactment.

Editorial Notes:


Power pursuant to section exercised (1.01.2021) by Veterinary Council of Ireland Indemnity Insurance Regulations 2020 (S.I. No. 576 of 2020), in effect as per reg. 2.


The section heading is taken from the amending section in the absence of one included in the amendment.