Veterinary Practice Act 2005

Registration of veterinary specialists.


46.—(1) That part of the Register referred to in section 34(4)(d) shall contain a part in respect of each specialty in veterinary medicine standing prescribed by the Council under subsection (2).

(2) Subject to subsection (5), the Council shall prescribe—

(a) the specialties in veterinary medicine that it recognises,

(b) in relation to each such specialty, the titles and qualifications in the specialty that are required to enable a person to be or continue to be registered,

(c) in relation to each such specialty, the body that the Council recognises for the purposes of providing the specialist training and showing to the satisfaction of the Council that such specialist training has been completed by the person concerned in a manner approved by the body.

(3) The Council may withdraw recognition from any body recognised by it under subsection (2).

(4) The specialties in veterinary medicine that may be prescribed under subsection (2) shall include such specialties as may be designated for the purpose of giving effect to—

(a) any provision to the Treaties governing the European Communities,

(b) any regulation, directive or other act adopted by an institution of the European Communities, or

(c) a judgement of the European Court of Justice.

(5) The Council shall seek and consider recommendations from the Education Committee and any other person that it considers appropriate before prescribing specialties and other matters that it considers appropriate under subsection (2).