Veterinary Practice Act 2005

Persons trained in the State.


42.—(1) The Council, on application to it in that behalf in writing by a person to whom subsection (2) applies, in accordance with regulations under section 52(1), and, on payment to it of the fee prescribed under section 33, shall register the person as a veterinary practitioner.

(2) This subsection applies to a person who—

(a) has undergone programmes of training and education, and acquired educational qualifications prescribed under section 65,

(b) is of good character and repute and is not an undischarged bankrupt,

(c) has not been convicted by a court in the State or elsewhere, of an offence that, in the opinion of the Council, is such as to render the person unfit to practise veterinary medicine, and

(d) is not prohibited from practising or suspended from the practice of, veterinary medicine either under Part 7 or provisions corresponding to those contained in that Part in force in another state, by reason of a conviction for an offence, or serious misconduct in connection with the carrying out of professional duties as a veterinary practitioner.

(3) If the Council decides that a person who applies to it for registration under this section should not be so registered, it shall notify the person in writing as soon as practicable stating the decision, the reason for the decision and the date on which it was made.

(4) A person who receives a notification under subsection (3) may appeal to the High Court against the decision specified in the notification within a period of 3 months beginning on the date of such receipt.

(5) On the hearing of an appeal under this section, the High Court may make—

(a) an order affirming or setting aside any decision of the Council relating to the application for registration concerned,

(b) an order remitting the application for registration with or without directions to the Council, for reconsideration and the making of a new decision in relation to it, or

(c) any other order that it considers appropriate.