Veterinary Practice Act 2005

Functions of Council on receipt of report of investigation by authorised officer.


130.—(1) The Council shall consider a written report from an authorised officer following his or her investigation under this Part, as soon as possible after receipt of it by the Council.

(2) Following consideration of the written report the Council shall take whatever of the following actions that it considers appropriate—

(a) take no action,

(b) apply to the Registrar, under section 76(1) for an inquiry into the fitness to practise veterinary medicine of the registered person to whom the written report of the authorised officer refers,

(c) if it appears to the Council that any person to whom the written report refers is guilty of an offence, the Council shall direct the Registrar to take specified action and the Registrar shall take such action,

(d) take such other action as it considers appropriate in the circumstances.

(3) For the purposes of subsection (2)(c), specified action to be taken by the Registrar may include referring the matter to the Minister, the Garda Síochána, the Revenue Commissioners, or the Director of Public Prosecutions and, in such a case, the Registrar shall furnish such information, and give such access to and facilities for inspecting and taking any copies of any documents being information or documents in the possession or under the control of the authorised officer, the Council, or the Registrar and relating to the matter in question as the Minister, Garda Síochána, Revenue Commissioners, or Director of Public Prosecutions, as the case may be, may require.