Veterinary Practice Act 2005

Inspection of veterinary premises.


117.—(1) Where an application is made for a grant of a certificate of suitability under this Part, the Council may cause the veterinary premises to be inspected by an authorised officer.

(2) In any other case where the Council considers that it is appropriate, having regard to its functions under this Part, it may cause an authorised officer to inspect a veterinary premises in respect of which a certificate of suitability has been issued, to ensure that—

(a) it complies with matters prescribed under section 108, that apply, and

(b) where a certificate of suitability has been issued with conditions attached, that those conditions are being complied with.

(3) In relation to every inspection carried out by an authorised officer under this section he or she shall, as soon as may be after the inspection—

(a) make a written report of it,

(b) furnish the written report to the Council, and

(c) furnish a copy of the written report to the applicant or the certificate holder, as the case may be.