Veterinary Practice Act 2005

Certificate of suitability.


109.—(1) Where the Council is satisfied, on an application made to it under this Part by a registered person that a veterinary premises—

(a) is suitable and fit for the purpose of the practice of veterinary medicine, and

(b) complies with regulations made by the Council under this Part that apply in respect of the veterinary premises to which the application relates,

then, it may grant a certificate to that effect in respect of the veterinary premises (in this Part referred to as a “certificate of suitability”) to the person who applies for the certificate (in this Part referred to as the “certificate holder”).

(2) Only a registered person may apply for, or be granted, a certificate under subsection (1).

(3) Subject to this Part, a certificate of suitability remains in force for the period of time stated in it.

(4)  (a) For the purposes of this Part, a certificate holder shall continue to be so called where a decision of the Council under section 113 or 114 affects the certificate of suitability that he or she holds, until the decision of the Council takes effect under section 113(3) or 114(7), or until an appeal under section 113(4) or 114(8) is determined or withdrawn.

(b) If the Council is satisfied to do so, a certificate of suitability may, on application by the certificate holder, be renewed by it with effect from the expiration of the period to which it relates.

(c) For the purposes of this Part references to a certificate of suitability shall, where appropriate, be construed as including references to a certificate that has been renewed under paragraph (b).