Disability Act 2005

Sectoral plan of Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.


36.—(1) A sectoral plan prepared by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (“the Minister”) shall contain information concerning—

( a) measures to be taken to ensure compliance with Part M of the Building Regulations 1997 ( S.I. No. 497 of 1997),

( b) measures to be taken to facilitate access by persons with disabilities to public roads and other public places and to other services provided by the Minister, local authorities or other public bodies in relation to which he or she performs functions and the time proposed within which such measures are to be taken,

( c) arrangements proposed to be put in place by the Minister and the Minister for Transport to facilitate access to the vehicles providing the passenger transport services by such persons from a public road,

( d) housing and accommodation for persons with disabilities,

( e) proposed arrangements for co-operation by housing authorities with the Executive in relation to the development and co-ordination of the services provided by housing authorities for persons with disabilities, and

( f) any other matters which the Minister considers appropriate.

(2) In this section “public places” includes—

( a) street furniture, pavements and pedestrian zones,

( b) signage,

( c) public parks and open spaces owned or maintained by a local authority,

( d) harbours, bus and light rail stops for which a local authority is responsible,

but does not include a public building under section 25 or a service to which section 26 or 27 applies.