Disability Act 2005

Sectoral plan of Minister for Health and Children.


32.—(1) A sectoral plan prepared by the Minister for Health and Children (“the Minister”) shall contain information concerning—

( a) services provided by or on behalf of the Minister to persons with disabilities,

( b) the criteria governing the eligibility of such persons for services under the Health Acts 1947 to 2004,

( c) the proposed arrangements for the implementation of Part 2,

( d) arrangements for co-operation by the Executive with housing authorities in relation to the development and co-ordination of the services provided by housing authorities for persons with disabilities, and

( e) such other matters (if any) as the Minister considers appropriate.

(2) A plan referred to in subsection (1) shall provide for appropriate co-operation by the Minister with the Minister for Social and Family Affairs and the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment (“the two Ministers”) in relation to the development and co-ordination of services provided by the two Ministers for persons with disabilities and related to the services referred to in subsection (1).