Disability Act 2005



21.—The Minister may make regulations for the purpose of enabling this Part to have full effect and, in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, regulations under this section may make provision in relation to any or all of the following:

( a) applications for assessments and the procedure for and in relation to such assessments including—

(i) different periods within which an assessment is to be carried out or subsequently reviewed,

(ii) different such periods in respect of—

(I) different categories of disability, or

(II) persons of different ages,

(iii) the categories of skills and expertise required to carry out an assessment,

(iv) matters relating to the determination and approval of standards to be applied in relation to the carrying out of an assessment,

(v) matters relating to the nomination by the Council of a person or persons with appropriate expertise to assist in carrying out an assessment in relation to educational services,

( b) in relation to a service statement—

(i) the form of the statement and any matter to be contained in it,

(ii) matters relating to the determination of eligibility under the Health Acts 1947 to 2004,

(iii) any other matters referred to in section 11(7) ,

(iv) matters relating to the amendment of a service statement,

(v) the procedures for and in relation to the review with the applicant or a person referred to in section 9(2) by liaison officers of the provision of services specified in service statements, including the intervals at which such reviews shall be undertaken either generally or with reference to—

(I) a particular category or categories of disability, or

(II) categories of persons of a particular age,

( c) the procedures for and in relation to the making of complaints including the time within which a complaint must be made, the procedures for the granting of an extension of time where reasonable cause is shown for such an extension, and the form in which the complaint must be made, including procedures to be observed in the informal resolution of complaints,

( d) appeals under this Part and the procedures for and in relation to such appeals (including procedures for mediation), and

( e) the manner of determining the person (other than a personal advocate assigned by Comhairle) to represent an applicant who by reason of his or her disability or age is unlikely to be able to represent himself or herself in relation to specified matters arising under this Part.


Editorial Notes:


Power pursuant to s. 21 exercised (1.06.2007) by Disability (Assessment of Needs, Service Statements and Redress) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 263 of 2007), in effect as per reg. 2.