Health Act 2004

Adherence to complaint and review procedures to be condition of arrangements with service providers.


52.— (1) It is a condition of any arrangement under section 38 with a service provider that the service provider will—

(a) adhere to the complaints procedures established by the Executive in accordance with section 49(1) and any regulations under section 53, or

(b) establish the procedures agreed under section 49(2) and adhere to those procedures.

(2) In addition, it is a condition of such arrangement that the service provider will co-operate with the Executive, or with any body to which the Executive assigns its functions under section 49(4), in any review of a recommendation made by a complaints officer following the investigation of a complaint against the service provider.

(3) The Executive shall exercise any rights or remedies available to it under such arrangement if the service provider concerned does not fulfil any of the applicable conditions specified in subsections (1) and (2).