Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004

F26 [ Matters to be considered.


57D . When making a designation under section 57B , the Public Appointments Service shall have regard to the following:

( a ) the competencies and qualifications of the public service employee concerned, or of the general class of employee to which he or she belongs, as well as those competencies and qualifications required for the position, or general class of position, in respect of which the designation is to be made;

( b ) the basic pay of the public service employee immediately before the redeployment day and the pay applicable to the position in respect of which a designation is to be made;

( c ) the terms of any policy for the time being of the Minister, and, in so far as not inconsistent with that policy, any collective agreement negotiated with any recognised trade union or staff association concerned, relating to mobility or redeployment of public service employees; and

( d ) such other matters relating to the recruitment, assessment, selection and employment policies, procedures and practices of any relevant public service employer concerned as it considers necessary. ]