Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004

Amendment of recruitment licences.


51.—(1) The Commission may amend a recruitment licence—

(a) at the request of the licence holder,

(b) in accordance with any terms and conditions of the licence,

(c) following an investigation on behalf of the Commission under section 15 in respect of the licence holder concerned,

(d) in respect of the subject matter of any report by the Commission to the Government under section 16 or to the Minister under section 17,

(e) where, otherwise than provided for by paragraphs (a) to (d), it is of the opinion that there are serious and urgent reasons necessitating the amendment of the licence.

(2) Where a recruitment process has been commenced by virtue of a recruitment licence and is being undertaken by the office holder or a listed recruitment agency on behalf of the holder, then the Commission may, in relation to the amendment of the licence concerned, make any transitional arrangements that it considers appropriate in the circumstances, including providing that the amended licence shall have effect on different dates in respect of different classes or categories of recruitment.