Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004

Register of funds of suitors.


38.—(1) The Accountant shall establish and maintain a register of funds of suitors of the High Court (in this section referred to as the “register”).

(2) The register shall contain the following particulars—

(a) the title of the proceedings to which the funds to which Order 77 of the Rules of the Superior Courts applies relate,

(b) the names of the parties to those proceedings and the addresses at which they ordinarily reside,

(c) the ledger account number,

(d) the value of the investments realised in accordance with section 34 on the date of their realisation,

(e) the date on which those funds were paid into the dormant account of the funds of suitors of the High Court,

(f) if those funds were repaid to the ledger account, the date on which they were so repaid,

(g) the account number of the special account for small balances,

(h) the moneys paid over to the special account for small balances, and

(i) such other matters as are provided for by rules of court or the President of the High Court directs.