Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004

Maintenance of records.


41.—(1) The Council shall keep and maintain records for the purpose of—

(a) identifying persons to whom special educational and support services are being provided,

(b) identifying schools and other places where such services are provided to persons with special educational needs, and

(c) planning the provision of special educational and support services.

(2) In performing its functions under subsection (1) the Council shall, to the greatest extent practicable, co-ordinate its system of record-keeping with the systems of record-keeping maintained by F36[the Health Service Executive] and any other relevant public bodies.




Substituted (1.01.2005) by Health Act 2004 (42/2004), s. 75 and sch. 7 part 14 item 12, S.I. No. 887 of 2004.