Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004

Special educational needs organisers.


26.—(1) The Council may appoint such and so many persons as it determines to perform the functions expressed by this Act to be performable by special educational needs organisers and each person who is so appointed shall be known, and in this Act is referred to, as a “special educational needs organiser”.

(2) A special educational needs organiser shall carry out his or her duties under this Act under the direction and control of the Council.

(3) A special educational needs organiser shall have such qualifications, expertise and experience relevant to the education of children with special educational needs as the Council considers appropriate.

(4) A special educational needs organiser shall, in addition to the functions conferred on him or her under this Act, perform such additional functions as may be assigned to him or her by the Council.

(5) A special educational needs organiser shall perform his or her functions in respect of particular areas in the State or particular categories of school in the State as the Council may from time to time designate as being that organiser's responsibility.

(6) The board of management, principal, teachers and other members of staff of a school shall give all such assistance as may reasonably be required by the special educational needs organiser in the performance by him or her of his or her functions.