Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004

Planning for future education needs.


15.—(1) In preparing or reviewing an education plan, the principal of the relevant school or relevant special educational needs organiser shall, from the child's attaining such age as the principal or organiser considers appropriate, have regard to the provision which will need to be made to assist the child to continue his or her education or training on becoming an adult.

(2) In performing the functions under subsection (1), the principal or the special educational needs organiser shall—

(a) ascertain the wishes of the child concerned and of his or her parents, and

(b) take such steps as are necessary as will enable the child to progress as a young adult to the level of education or training that meets his or her wishes or those of his or her parents and that are appropriate to his or her ability.

(3) In preparing or carrying out a review of an education plan in respect of the child who has special educational needs and who within the following 12 months will reach the age of 18 years, the Council shall cause an assessment to be made of—

(a) the extent, if any, to which goals set out in any previous such plan or the plan, as the case may be, successfully met the special educational needs of the child or student, and

(b) the reasons for any failure to meet those goals and the effect any such failure has had on the development of the child,

and the plan shall include measures to address any such effect.