Civil Registration Act 2004

Registration of stillbirths that occurred before 31 December 1994.


29.—Where, in the case of a stillbirth that occurred before 31 December 1994, a parent of the stillborn child or a relative of either parent of the child who has knowledge of the stillbirth gives to any registrar the required particulars in relation to the stillbirth and evidence establishing to the satisfaction of the Superintendent Registrar of the F105[registration area] concerned the occurrence of the stillbirth—

(a) the registrar shall enter the particulars in the register,

(b) the parent or relative shall then sign the register in the presence of the registrar, and

(c) the registrar shall register the stillbirth in such manner as an tArd-Chláraitheoir may direct.




Substituted (1.01.2005) by Health Act 2004 (42/2004), s. 75 and sch. 6 part 26 item 11, S.I. No. 887 of 2004.