Commissions of Investigation Act 2004

Powers to establish rules and procedures relating to evidence and submissions.


15.—(1) A commission may, having regard to sections 11 to 14 and in particular the need to observe fair procedures, establish or adopt rules and procedures for—

( a) receiving and recording evidence, and

( b) receiving submissions.

(2) The rules and procedures of a commission may, among other things, specify—

( a) the form in which and the means by which evidence or submissions may be received by it, and

( b) the conditions subject to which evidence or submissions may be received by it by means of a live video link, a video recording, a sound recording or any other mode of transmission.

(3) Where a commission consists of more than one member, its rules and procedures may, among other things, provide that evidence may be given before a single member or before more than one but fewer than all the members.

(4) Evidence given under a provision of a commission's rules and procedures authorised by subsection (3) is considered to have been given to all the members of the commission.

(5) A commission shall make copies of its rules and procedures available to persons likely to be affected by them.