Commissions of Investigation Act 2004

Duty to inform witnesses of commissions' powers and to advise them of their own rights and obligations.


13.—(1) Before a person gives evidence to a commission, whether voluntarily or on being directed by it to do so, the commission shall give the person a written statement—

( a) specifying the commission's powers under sections 16, 17 and 28, and

( b) indicating that, if the person does not voluntarily co-operate with the commission or withdraws co-operation, the commission will exercise any of those powers as it considers necessary.

(2) If no legal representative is present to advise a witness, the commission shall advise the witness of his or her legal rights and obligations while giving evidence on oath or affirmation.

(3) The duties imposed on a commission under this section may be performed by any member of the commission or by any person appointed under section 8 and authorised by the commission to perform those duties.