Immigration Act 2004

Presence in State of non-nationals.


5.—(1) No non-national may be in the State other than in accordance with the terms of any permission given to him or her before the passing of this Act, or a permission F11[given to him or her] after such passing, by or on behalf of the Minister.

(2) A non-national who is in the State in contravention of subsection (1) is for all purposes unlawfully present in the State.

(3) This section does not apply to—

(a) a person whose application for asylum under the Act of 1996 is under consideration by the Minister,

(b) a refugee who is the holder of a declaration (within the meaning of that Act) which is in force,

(c) a member of the family of a refugee to whom section 18(3)(a) of that Act applies, or

(d) a programme refugee within the meaning of section 24 of that Act.




Substituted (10.03.2016) by International Protection Act 2015 (66/2015), s. 81(c), S.I. No. 133 of 2016.