Employment Permits Act 2003

F20[ Non-application of certain requirement of Employment Permits Act 2006.


3B. (1) The Minister may, subject to subsection (2), by order provide that section 10 of the Employment Permits Act 2006 shall not apply to an application for an employment permit in respect of a national of the Republic of Bulgaria or Romania and for so long as such an order remains in force

(a) that section 10 shall not apply to such an application accordingly, and

(b) the other provisions of the Employment Permits Act 2006 shall be construed and have effect subject to the order,

but without prejudice to any regulations for the time being in force under section 14 of that Act.

(2) The Minister shall not make an order under subsection (1) at a particular time unless, having regard to the conditions of the labour market in the State at that time, the Minister is of the opinion that it is desirable in the interests of the proper functioning of the economy to make such an order.]




Inserted (1.01.2007) by Employment Permits Act 2006 (16/2006), s. 3(d), S.I. No. 682 of 2006.