Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003

F65[Costs in connection with application under section 11 not taxable.


51B. (1) This section applies irrespective of whether an assessment of the relevant claim referred to in this section has been made or whether any assessment so made has been accepted, or is deemed to have been accepted, under this Part by any person.

(2) If a claimant brings proceedings in accordance with this Act in respect of his or her relevant claim then, in any taxation of costs in those proceedings, no amount shall be allowed in respect of any fees or expenses incurred by the claimant in connection with the application he or she made under section 11 in respect of the relevant claim or in complying with any provision of this Act in respect thereto, other than fees or expenses referred to in section 35, 44 or 45.]




Inserted (11.07.2007) by Personal Injuries Assessment Board (Amendment) Act 2007 (35/2007), s. 1, commenced on enactment.