Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003

Withdrawal of application under section 11.


47.—(1) A claimant may, in accordance with rules under section 46, withdraw an application made by him or her under section 11 at any time before an assessment is made in respect of the relevant claim concerned and, where a claimant does so, the Board shall cause no step or no further step under this Part in relation to the claim to be taken.

(2) If such an application is so withdrawn the claimant may not, in relation to the relevant claim concerned, either—

(a) make a fresh application under section 11, or

(b) bring proceedings.

(3) Where a claimant indicates that he or she wishes to withdraw an application made by him or her, the Board shall, by notice served on him or her, notify the claimant of the desirability of obtaining legal advice before withdrawing the application and the application shall not be regarded as withdrawn unless and until, 14 or more days having elapsed from the service of that notice, a withdrawal by the claimant, in the form specified by rules under section 46, of the application is received by the Board.